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Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Do You Service the Machines?                         PDF Printable Sheet - Click Here

Our Service Schedules are based on volume. Most programs range from every other week to seven days a week. The higher the volume, the more often we visit!

If a machine breaks, what is your service policy?

Our Service Policy is based on priorities. In other words a machine that is completely non functional takes priority over another machine that has a lightbulb out. We handle 90% of non functional service calls in 4 hours or less.

What if someone loses money in a machine, how do we get a refund?

Our refund protocols are client specific. The most popular is to establish a "refund kitty" with someone in the office. Then there is an instantaneous refund. Refunds account for only one tenth of one percent of our revenue. Vending has come a long way.

What is the "Profit Sharing" and How does it work?

We have provided two price structures. Our base vend prices are our lowest available. Raise them a little, and we have our Profit Sharing Program. Checks are cut monthly on Net Sales, and sent with a machine level commission statement.

What about Healthy Selections?

The "Healthy Landscape" has changed in recent years. There are so many different "ideas" about "healthy". Pork Skins that have 0 Carbs are healthy for an Atkins participant, Nabisco 100 Cal Snack Packs for those counting calories, Fat Free Fruit Snacks for those watching Fat Grams, Cashews for those counting sugar grams.

We believe in variety and choice. That is why we utilize a balanced approach. We like products such as Keebler Low Fat Elfin Crackers, Nutri Grain Bars, Nature Valley Granola, Baked Lays & Doritos, Nabisco 100 Cal Packs, Kars Nuts, Snackwells, Mr. Nature trail mixes and more.

We know many of you are concerned about what you eat.

We are concerned about you.

Still Have more Questions.  Not a problem.  Just give us a Call!  (770)955-8888 (M-F 8:30 -5:00)

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