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Looking for a career with us?  Our consistent growth generates new opportunities.  We currently staff positions in Accounting, Warehousing, Purchasing, Machine Repair, Machine Installation, Team Leader, Route Driver, Customer Service and more..

We only consider persons with the following history, employment history is very important to us:

  • Must have been at one of last two jobs for a minimum of 5 years
  • Must have been promoted internally at one of last two jobs.
  • Must have positive job reference from both of last two employers.
  • Must be eligible for re-hire at both of last two employers.
  • Must pass drug test, criminal background and credit check.
  • Our customers expect only the best personnel, so we hire only the best.
The above represent the basics of employement history for all applicants.  Experience in specific job description is then taken into account.

If you would like to send us your resume, please email it to jobs@captainvending.com .

Thank you for your time and interest!

Under 60 Employees
60 - 120 Employees
120 - 200 Employees
200+ Employees
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