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How Does This Work? 

Captain Vending Services is a Full Service - Full Line Vending Company located in Marietta, Ga, servicing the Metro Atlanta Market.

As an authorized Distributor of both Coca-Cola AND Pepsi Vending Equipment and products, we have access to the latest technologies and products.

Our Snack, Coffee and Food machines are company owned so that we can offer the largest variety of snacks and consumables available.

Step One:  How Many Onsite Employees Do You Have?


What is an "ONSITE EMPLOYEE" and why does this matter?

Onsite Employees are people that are "Physically" on the premise for at least 4 hours per day, 5 Days per week. 

Example.  A traveling sales rep may be an "employee", but travels 80% of the time, would not be an "Onsite Employee".

Why is this so important?

The #1 determinating factor for vending sales and volume is the number of Onsite Employees that have access to the machines.




Picture of our work.

Datacenter Breakroom - Marietta, GA


Under 60 Employees
60 - 120 Employees
120 - 200 Employees
200+ Employees
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